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Azizi Developments Introduces $8.2 Billion ‘Venice’ in Dubai South


Venice In Dubai

In a city known for pushing boundaries of luxury and innovation, Azizi Developments has unveiled its latest gem – Venice. Nestled in Dubai South, this Venetian-inspired luxury waterfront lifestyle community promises to redefine opulent living. With a host of breathtaking amenities and a visionary design, Azizi Venice will become a coveted destination in the UAE. In this article, we’ll explore what makes this development so extraordinary.

A Grand Unveiling

On September 27, Azizi Developments unveiled Azizi Venice at a lavish event in Dubai’s City Walk. Over 10,000 attendees gathered to witness the big reveal, featuring captivating performances, including one by renowned artist Nancy Ajram. This grand launch event set the stage for Azizi Venice’s arrival.

A Masterful Vision

Azizi is not just a developer but a master developer, responsible for creating a massive mixed-use community spanning over 30 billion dirhams. This ambitious project encompasses more than 30,000 residential units, including over 400 luxury villas and mansions. The development will occupy a 15-million-square-foot plot of land, featuring 24 million square feet of gross floor area. Azizi Venice aims to elevate communities in the UAE with its size and grandeur.

Crystal-Blue Water Lagoon

The centerpiece of Azizi Venice is its crystal-blue water lagoon. Stretching throughout the community, this massive lagoon surrounds condominium buildings, villas, and mansions. The desalinated and filtered waters are complemented by beach-like shores, an 8 km-long cycling and jogging track, yoga and sports facilities, and a promenade offering artisan eateries and boutiques.

Azizi Boulevard: A Luxurious Boulevard

At the heart of Azizi Venice lies the pedestrian-friendly Azizi Boulevard. This open-air boulevard transforms into a glass-covered haven in the summer, ensuring a temperature-controlled space year-round. The boulevard is flanked by three-story buildings hosting world-renowned retailers, entertainment options, and a diverse range of eateries representing various countries.

Azizi Opera: A Cultural Gem

Azizi Venice’s cultural crown jewel is Azizi Opera. Located at the heart of the boulevard, this architectural marvel will host cultural and community events, becoming a prime tourist attraction and a local hotspot. With its contemporary design, Azizi Opera promises to offer memorable experiences in Dubai’s cultural scene.

World-Class Amenities

Azizi Venice isn’t just about luxury residences; it’s about creating a holistic lifestyle. The community will feature its own full-service hospital, kindergartens, and schools for all grades. Additional dining and shopping options will line aesthetically designed and landscaped main roads. Families with children will find a wide range of amenities catering to their needs.

Lighting and Festivities

Azizi Venice will be adorned with stunning lighting features on building façades and beyond. Musical and dancing water fountains will add a festive atmosphere, making evenings truly magical. The community will celebrate each season, holiday, and festivity with themed decorations, ensuring it remains a top attraction throughout the year.

A Strategic Location

Azizi Venice’s strategic position in the emirate’s growth corridor, alongside Emirates Road (E611), ensures excellent connectivity. It’s just a five-minute drive to the Al Maktoum International Airport, offering convenience and accessibility.

A Vision Realized

Mirwais Azizi, Founder and Chairman of Azizi Developments, envisions Azizi Venice as a one-of-a-kind community that enriches lives. With its grandeur and attention to detail, Azizi Venice reflects Dubai’s commitment to innovation and luxury living.


Azizi Venice is not just a residential community. It’s a testament to luxury and grandeur in the heart of Dubai South. This unique development promises a vibrant lifestyle, cultural richness, and a splendid waterfront experience. Azizi Venice is set to redefine the standards of luxury living in the UAE.

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