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About Binghatti

With almost 150 years of mercantile history, Binghatti Holding is a premier UAE holding company. Founded in 1875, it has diversified beyond trading, excelling across multiple industries. Its prominence is rooted in key branches, each achieving remarkable success:

Binghatti Developers: Defining Real Estate Excellence
Binghatti Hospitality: Savoring Culinary Excellence
Binghatti Beverages: Crafting Liquid Marvels
Binghatti Industry: Mastering Manufacturing Excellence

Binghatti Developers: Defining Real Estate Excellence

With a portfolio adorned by over 40 remarkable projects spanning the UAE, the company’s investment value stands at an impressive AED 3.5 billion.

Binghatti Developers focuses on Dubai’s real estate, known for excellence. With 17 projects across Dubai, they prioritize exceptional quality within timelines and affordable prices. The cornerstone of Binghatti’s mission is to deliver exceptional projects within meticulously crafted timelines, all while ensuring an accessible price point for its developments.

The developer creates advanced projects for banks and luxury hotels. They lead real estate funding initiatives and offer valuable consultations to end-users. This has established their strong influence in shaping Dubai’s real estate scene.

The company’s impact resonates through some of Dubai’s most coveted addresses. The company’s presence is notably felt through an array of apartments for sale in the prestigious Dubai Silicon Oasis. Furthermore, the developer extends its allure with a selection of luxurious, elegant apartments for sale in the upscale enclave of Dubai Marina. Among its noteworthy achievements, the company also claims credit for contributing to high-end flats for sale within the vibrant Jumeirah Village Circle community. Notably, Binghatti has woven its architectural prowess into the fabric of the captivating Liwan district, offering an array of houses for sale. Looking ahead, the company envisions several residential projects within the expansive Dubailand Residence Complex.

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