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Originating in 1993, the Danube Group blossomed under the visionary guidance of Rizwan Sajan, renowned as the Founder and Chairman of the Group. What began as a modest trading enterprise has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse, consistently amplifying its influence within the region.

Today, it proudly stands as the premier Real Estate Development and Building Materials Company, showcasing diverse branches under its expansive umbrella. Among these is Danube Home, a hub for Home Interior and Décor Solutions, curating an array of cutting-edge products showcased in showrooms that dot the MENA region.

The group is committed to establishing in the area a development that is both affordable and sustainable, adhering to excellent building standards.

The thirteen properties that Danube Properties has so far introduced in Dubai are Elitz, Elitz 2, Viewz, Dreamz, Glitz 1, Glitz 2, Glitz 3, Starz, Glamz, Lawnz, Jewelz, Bayz, Resortz, Miraclz, Elz, and Wavez. Each of these properties features top-notch building materials, machinery, and home-furnishings supplies. With a focus on providing luxury at reasonable pricing, Danube Properties has especially attracted attention from middle-class groups.

The reasonable rates and flexible payment options given, along with the development’s convenient location and a variety of ultra-modern amenities for 21st-century living, have proven to be very tempting to buyers. As a result, all of Danube Properties’ projects have had spectacular success since their introduction. Currently, Danube Properties has outstanding projects with a book value of AED 1.6 billion and construction of more than 7.2 million square feet.

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You will be eligible for the coveted  10-year UAE Golden visa if you make any real estate transaction totaling more than 2,000,000 AED.

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Real estate in Dubai is highly profitable as rental yields are usually between 7% - 10%, which is higher than cities like Miami and London.

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