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About Omniyat

Omniyat: Where Art Meets Excellence in Real Estate
Established in 2005, Omniyat emerged as a beacon of excellence in the real estate realm. Under the guidance of Mr. Mahdi K M J Amjad, the company embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of luxury living.
A Respected Name
Omniyat swiftly earned its position as one of the most esteemed real estate companies in the UAE. Renowned for its impeccable art-infused designs that consistently uphold high standards, Omniyat has etched its mark on Dubai’s skyline.
Masterpieces in Dubai
Langham Place, One Palm, The Sterling, and The Opus stand as testament to Omniyat’s prowess. These magnificent projects, strategically located in Business Bay and other coveted areas, reflect the company’s commitment to architectural brilliance.
Artistry in Every Detail
Omniyat approaches each property endeavor as a masterpiece of art. This philosophy is rooted in the cultivation of intimate relationships with all stakeholders. From design to development and maintenance, Omniyat’s touch transforms spaces into living works of art.
Unrivaled Collaborations
The company’s success story is weaved through tight bonds with leading architects, engineers, interior designers, and artists. This synergy has resulted in remarkable residential, commercial, hotel, and retail spaces that captivate the imagination of investors worldwide.
Icons of Omniyat
The Omniyat legacy graces Dubai’s skyline through iconic projects:

Ava Residences at Palm Jumeirah: A crowning jewel, Ava Residences at Palm Jumeirah stands as a unique entryway to this renowned destination.
The Sterling Apartments: Offering breathtaking views of the Dubai Water Canal and city skyline, The Sterling Apartments in Downtown Dubai set new standards of luxury living.
The Opus Residence & Commercial Tower: A creation of the legendary architect Zaha Hadid, The Opus Tower in Downtown Dubai merges residential and commercial spaces in a distinctive fashion.
One Palm: Crafted by New York’s SOMA architects, One Palm on the Palm Jumeirah waterfront epitomizes luxury living at its zenith.
Langham Place Luxury Apartments & Hotels: Located in Downtown Dubai, Langham Place is synonymous with 5-star luxury and awe-inspiring vistas.
The Pad: Nestled on Dubai Creek’s beachfront in a striking slanted tower in Business Bay, The Pad flats redefine beachside luxury.
Anwa Residences: Inspired by the grandeur of 20th-century Transatlantic cruise excursions, Anwa Residences offer breathtaking Gulf views in Dubai Maritime City.

Art, Luxury, Omniyat
Omniyat’s journey continues to intertwine art and luxury, crafting spaces that transcend mere buildings and become living experiences. With a portfolio that resonates innovation and artistry, Omniyat remains a pioneer in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

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