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About Prescott Real Estate Development

Experience Excellence with Prescott Real Estate Development in Dubai
For more than a decade, Prescott Real Estate Development has demonstrated a remarkable track record in constructing exceptional residential and commercial properties across the dynamic landscape of Dubai, UAE. With an unwavering dedication to individuals like you who seek nothing short of quality living spaces, Prescott has established itself as a renowned name in the realm of real estate.

Central to Prescott’s ethos is the resolute commitment to delivering projects that redefine the essence of modern living. This commitment is the foundation upon which their reputation thrives—a reputation built upon superior craftsmanship, innovation, and a holistic approach to creating spaces that resonate with your aspirations.

At Prescott’s core philosophy, they believe in homes mirroring their ideals. This principle is woven into every project, meticulously infused with quality, comfort, and a dedication to exceed your expectations.

Exceptional Homes
Prescott Real Estate Development recognizes your yearning for an exceptional home—a place that exudes excellence yet remains within reach. It’s with this understanding that they stand beside you, ready to guide you through every step of your journey towards homeownership.

Some of the key projects by Prescott Development include:

Serene Gardens in Al Furjan
Elevate Apartments in Arjan
Prime Gardens in Arjan
Prime Residency 3 in Al Furjan
Prime Views in Meydan

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10 Year Golden Visa

You will be eligible for the coveted  10-year UAE Golden visa if you make any real estate transaction totaling more than 2,000,000 AED.

High Rental Yield

Real estate in Dubai is highly profitable as rental yields are usually between 7% - 10%, which is higher than cities like Miami and London.

Simple Booking Process

The booking process is quite straightforward and easy. Simply pay the booking fee and reserve your desired unit immediately.

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