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About Sobha Realty

Sobha Group: A Distinctive Dubai Real Estate Powerhouse

Foundation of Excellence

One of Dubai’s reputable real estate developers, Sobha Group, has been making waves since its inception. Established in 1976 as an interior decoration company in Oman, Sobha’s journey has been one of innovation and expansion.

Global Presence

What began in Oman has transcended borders, with Sobha’s influence stretching across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Brunei, and India. Led by its visionary founder and chairman, PNC Menon, the company’s growth has been guided by a commitment to excellence.

Dubai’s Dynamic Visionary

PNC Menon recognized Dubai’s real estate potential and seized it with vigor. His leadership has spurred a multitude of impeccable projects, solidifying Sobha’s stature in this cutting-edge metropolis. Today, Sobha proudly stands among the top developers in the UAE.

Architectural Brilliance

Sobha’s extensive real estate portfolio in Dubai reflects its commitment to creating exceptional living spaces. Villas, flats, and townhouses form a beautiful tapestry that adds to Dubai’s architectural allure.

Sobha Hartland: A Magnum Opus

At the heart of Sobha’s Dubai journey lies Sobha Hartland, a sprawling waterfront community that epitomizes grandeur. Positioned strategically, this opulent project stands as a testament to Sobha’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Unveiling Possibilities

For those seeking a home in Dubai, Sobha’s extensive portfolio is a treasure trove of possibilities. From architectural marvels to functional sanctuaries, Sobha’s creations embody luxury and comfort.

A City Transformed

Sobha has etched its signature across Dubai’s skyline with numerous outstanding constructions. With over 37 masterworks in its development pipeline, Sobha Group’s imprint on Dubai’s real estate industry is undeniable. As a major player, it continues to shape Dubai’s urban fabric.

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You will be eligible for the coveted  10-year UAE Golden visa if you make any real estate transaction totaling more than 2,000,000 AED.

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Real estate in Dubai is highly profitable as rental yields are usually between 7% - 10%, which is higher than cities like Miami and London.

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