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Elitz 3 Launched By Danube Properties With 1% Monthly Payment Plan


Danube Properties has unveiled its latest development, Elitz 3, with a staggering estimated value of over Dh800 million. Nestled within JVC, this project stands adjacent to the Elitz and Elitz 2 towers, both currently undergoing construction. Anticipated to be completed by Q4 2026, these twin towers will soar to impressive heights of 40 and 46 floors. They will comprise a total of 750 residential units that encompass Studios-3 bedroom apartments, along with a few retail spaces.

Array Of Amenities

Noteworthy is the comprehensive array of over 40 community, health, and lifestyle amenities woven into the fabric of Elitz 3. From a well-equipped health club and inviting swimming pools to a vibrant sports arena, tennis court, barbecue area, and even a jogging track, the offerings cater to diverse preferences and interests.

Danube Properties’ 24th residential venture, Elitz 3, strengthens their position in Dubai’s real estate landscape. Introduced as the ninth tower in 18 months, Elitz 3 marks Danube Properties’ rapid expansion in Dubai. The cumulative effect of these endeavors is an extensive portfolio comprising 11,529 units spread across 24 projects, with a combined development value surpassing Dh10 billion.

Dubai Real Estate Market Trends

Founder and Chairman of Danube Group, Rizwan Sajan, stated, “Dubai‚Äôs real estate market continues to defy global economic slowdown due to its dynamism and attractiveness and we see sustained growth soon, which reinforces our firm belief in the market.” Sajan attributed the swift launch of Elitz 3, merely a month after Elitz 2’s introduction, to Dubai’s vibrant market.

Dubai’s real estate surged with 60,440 transactions worth Dh177.3 billion in H1. This surge exceeds the annual sales values recorded from 2009 to 2021, substantiating real estate as a formidable driver of Dubai’s economy, attracting both domestic and foreign investment.

Elitz 3 By Danube

Elitz 3 offers an accessible entry point with prices starting at Dh699,000 for a studio apartment.

This project stands out due to its inventive 1% monthly payment plan, supplementing initial deposits. This boosts affordability and appeal for prospective homeowners.

Danube’s distinctive approach involves launching, selling out, appointing contractors for construction, and then moving on to the next project. With 11 delivered projects and others progressing through various construction stages, Danube maintains its commitment to quality and timely completion. This year, Danube is set to hand over three towers, namely Wavez, Jewelz, and Olivz. Also, many of the projects launched in 2022 and 2023 exceeding their construction and delivery schedules.

A significant milestone was achieved as Danube entered an agreement with Dubai Land Department, streamlining property acquisitions through the provision of Initial Sale Contracts (Oqood) to buyers in an expeditious manner. This dynamic initiative reflects Danube’s commitment to facilitating seamless real estate transactions and bolstering the overall investment climate.

The property giant owns Danube Homes, a renowned home retail brand recognized across Middle East, Gulf, India. Renowned for exceptional customer service, superior quality, exquisite designs, and innovative retail offerings, Danube Homes stands as a dynamic and expanding presence in the industry.

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