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About Dubai Maritime City

Situated at a strategic crossroads between Port Rashid and Dubai’s Drydocks World, Dubai Maritime City unfolds as a unique urban sanctuary, seamlessly weaving the maritime industry into a harmonious urban fabric, thereby bestowing its inhabitants with an energetic and lively urban lifestyle.

This dynamic community encompasses six distinctive clusters, each contributing a vital component to the city’s vibrant tapestry. The Maritime Centre stands as a bustling hub that merges commerce and leisure seamlessly, offering a central point for both work and recreation. Meanwhile, the Industrial Precinct plays host to an expansive ship repair complex, providing a dedicated space for this essential maritime endeavor.

The Academic Quarter caters to marine industry professionals, ensuring that the city nurtures a continuous flow of maritime expertise. As one ventures into the Marina District, a remarkable blend of marina services and mixed-use spaces unravels, creating a versatile setting that caters to varied needs.

The Harbour Offices present a unique opportunity, offering 19 parcels designated for the construction of state-of-the-art office towers, symbolizing growth and business expansion. Finally, the Harbour Residences complete this mosaic with a residential enclave, where modern living seamlessly intertwines with the maritime spirit, embodying a true urban haven.

Dubai Maritime City, with its distinctive clusters, emerges as a comprehensive urban tapestry where maritime industry, business, education, leisure, and residential aspirations converge harmoniously. Inhabitants find themselves immersed in a unique urban experience that is a tribute to Dubai’s innovation and progress.

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