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Opening or Relocating Your DEWA Account in Dubai


In Dubai, securing your water and electricity services is paramount upon settling into a new residence. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the city’s official supplier, oversees this vital aspect. Whether initiating a new DEWA account or transferring an existing one to a different property, the process is designed to be efficient and straightforward. Here’s your comprehensive guide to seamlessly managing your DEWA account in Dubai.

  1. Open a new DEWA account in Dubai
  2. Transfer your DEWA account
  3. Terminate your DEWA account


When it comes to setting up a new connection in Dubai, there are two convenient methods to choose from: online application or a visit to one of the Customer Happiness Centers for a new account setup. Let’s dive into the process, focusing first on the steps for an online DEWA account setup.


Activating Electricity and Water (Move-in) is designed for efficiency. Follow these steps to seamlessly establish a new account:

Step 1: Online Application Submission
  1. Access the official DEWA website and navigate to the Activation of Electricity and Water (Move-in) section. An online login might be necessary for all requests.
  2. Select the suitable option from the Customer Type dropdown menu (Expatriate, GCC National, Investor, or UAE National).
  3. Choose your Account Type (for owners or tenants).
  4. If you’re a tenant, input the Ejari number. In case of a Free Zone area, choose “I don’t have Ejari.”
  5. For Free Zone residents, provide additional information like Tenancy Contract Number, Contract Start and End Dates, Contract Value, Room Count, and premise numbers.
  6. Add the DEWA premise number.
  7. Click “Continue” after entering all necessary details, then follow the prompts to finalize your new Move-in account.
Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Essential documents for a new DEWA account application in Dubai include:

  1. Valid Title Deed for homeowners.
  2. Emirates ID for Dubai residents.
  3. Trade Licence (for commercial and industrial customers).
  4. Passport copy for GCC Nationals or Investors.
Step 3: Payment of Fees and Service Charges

Completion of the registration entails payment of activation fees:

Security Deposit:
  1. AED 2,000 for an apartment in Dubai (residential premises).
  2. AED 4,000 for a villa in Dubai (residential premises).
Activation Charges:
  1. AED 100 for small meters (electricity and water connection).
  2. AED 300 for large meters (electricity and water connection).
  3. AED 10 for registration.
  4. AED 10 for knowledge fee.
  5. AED 10 for innovation fee.
  6. Thukher and Sanad cardholders receive a 50% discount on activation charges.

Note: VAT is applicable to the charges.

Step 4: Service Activation

Then, after successful registration and fee payment via the online application, customers can expect their supply to be activated within 15 hours.

Setting up a new DEWA account in Dubai is a well-structured process, designed to ensure smooth and swift access to essential electricity and water services.


When relocating to a new home in Dubai, the process of transferring your account to the new address is hassle-free. Known as the “Transfer of Electricity/Water (Move-To) Service,” this system enables you to conveniently shift your DEWA services. You have the option to submit your application online or visit Customer Happiness Centers for this purpose.

Online Application Process for DEWA Account Transfer (Move-To)

Step 1: Online Application Submission
  1. Initiate the process by logging into your DEWA account. Utilize your DEWA ID or UAE Pass for logging in.
  2. Input the new Ejari and Premise Number for your new residence.
  3. Include the Contract Account Number of your existing residence, along with the planned move-out date.
  4. Then the electricity and water supply at your old address will be deactivated on your move-out date.
Step 2: Monitor Application Progress

After submitting your application for a move-out or DEWA account transfer, you’ll receive a reference number to track the status. Then, use your ID and password on the online platform to stay updated on your application’s progress.

Step 3: Activation of Move-To DEWA Account

Once your application is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email and SMS confirming the successful activation of your account at your new address. Visit the official DEWA website to access updated information.

Transfer Procedure via Customer Happiness Centres

Alternatively, customers can choose to visit any of the Customer Happiness Centres in Dubai to facilitate the transfer of their DEWA account to a new address. The procedure involves:

  1. Inform DEWA of your account transfer by visiting a Customer Happiness Centre.
  2. Request an application form and provide accurate information.
  3. Fill in your new residence’s Ejari Number and premise number.
  4. Input the Contract Account number of your current home and specify the move-out date.
  5. After submission, track progress using the provided reference number.

Security Deposit Transfer and Payment

Whether you opt for the online portal or Customer Happiness Centres for the move-out process, security deposit rules remain consistent:

  1. Settle any outstanding dues at your current residence.
  2. The security deposit from your existing home will be transferred to your new address.
  3. If the new address requires a higher deposit (e.g., moving from an apartment to a villa), you must pay the difference through available payment channels.
  4. Activation of supply at your new residence occurs after settling any outstanding security deposit, if applicable.

In conclusion, transferring your DEWA account when moving in Dubai is a straightforward process, regardless of your chosen method.


Should you decide to leave your current residence, you have the option to deactivate your account. The process for terminating or deactivating your DEWA account in Dubai upon moving out is straightforward. Here’s what you need to know:

Online Procedure for DEWA Deactivation (Move-Out)

  1. Log in using your DEWA User ID or UAE Pass.
  2. Choose the specific 10-Digit DEWA Contract Account number.
  3. Clear any outstanding bill amount, if applicable.
  4. Specify your move-out date, which triggers electricity and water disconnection, and staff will perform final readings.
  5. Opt for a security deposit refund method: bank transfer, cheque, or Western Union.
  6. Submit your application.
  7. The final bill, arriving within 24 hours, will be sent to your registered email ID.

Online Procedure Without Login

  1. Enter your 10-digit DEWA Contract Account number and 9-digit DEWA premise number.
  2. An OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to your registered email or mobile number.
  3. Input the OTP.
  4. Settle any outstanding bill amount, if applicable.
  5. Indicate your move-out date, leading to disconnection on that day, with staff conducting final readings.
  6. Choose a security deposit refund method: bank transfer, cheque, or Western Union.
  7. Within 24 hours of application submission, you’ll receive the final bill on your registered email ID.

DEWA Move-Out Account Fees

Deactivation charges for a DEWA account in Dubai include:

  1. AED 100 for disconnecting electricity and water for small meters.
  2. AED 300 for disconnecting electricity and water for large meters.
  3. AED 10 knowledge fee.
  4. AED 10 innovation fee.
  5. Thukher and Sanad cardholders benefit from a 50% discount on deactivation charges.

In conclusion, our comprehensive guide walks you through DEWA account management in Dubai. Whether you’re seeking a new connection, transferring an existing one, or deactivating a connection, the process is clear-cut. Likewise, there are various methods to pay DEWA bills in Dubai, including the smart app.

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