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Marasi Drive Business Bay

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About Marasi Drive Business Bay

Marasi Drive Business Bay stands as an innovative project, facilitated by the Dubai Canal’s integration with the open sea. This waterfront development encompasses a 12-kilometer promenade, introducing UAE’s inaugural floating ‘water homes,’ a marina, and associated shops.

Marasi emerges as the focal point of an evolved Business Bay, with ferries, yachts, and water taxis navigating the waterways, much like Dubai Marina.

Strategically divided into three themed sectors, Marasi ensures a multifaceted experience. The sectors are as follows:

The Yacht Club
The Park
The Pier

With over 100 shops, diverse local and international businesses, and a range of leisure amenities, it creates a dynamic urban environment. The presence of five palm tree-lined marinas spanning 16,000 square meters adds to the allure of this transformative development.

Marasi symbolizes Dubai’s commitment to continuous innovation and urban development. Its fusion of maritime connectivity, vibrant commercial hubs, and recreational spaces showcases the city’s prowess in shaping modern living environments.

Marasi is a distinctive destination in Business Bay, blending waterborne lifestyles, commerce, and leisure seamlessly. It embodies Dubai’s innovative spirit and commitment to integrated urban living.

Marasi Drive Business Bay is a captivating urban oasis, thoughtfully curated to provide an exquisite blend of leisure, dining, shopping, and cultural encounters that cater to both tourists and expatriates.

Whether you’re a resident of the UAE or a visitor exploring Dubai, Marasi Drive should undoubtedly find its place on your list of top attractions to experience. Rest assured, the allure of Marasi Drive promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you thoroughly satisfied and inspired.

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